Checkmarx One Application Security PlatformTM

Secure Application Development Powers Innovation

Today’s organizations thrive on the software they develop. However, software is also becoming increasingly complex, and security teams are struggling to keep up with the speed of development. That doesn’t mean, though, that we take the emphasis off security. Application Security Testing (AST) remains a critical step in the delivery of secure software. Without comprehensive AST in your software development pipelines, you’re introducing unnecessary risk to your organization and your customer base.

What your organization doesn’t need is multiple point solutions, uncorrelated and inaccurate results, or complex testing infrastructure. You simply can’t afford the time, friction, or overhead.

For your teams to code securely and deliver great applications, you need to integrate and automate AST during development with a lowoverhead delivery mechanism.

List of Application Security Testing Services

SAST :  identifies vulnerabilities in your application source code by scanning code early and often during software development and delivers insights about how to remediate complex security issues at the source code level
SCA : empowers you and your teams with the tools and insight you need to address vulnerability and license risks associated with the open source code in the applications you create, deploy, and maintain.
SCS : gives you a more comprehensive approach to preventing supply chain attacks and securing open source usage by enabling developers to perform vulnerability, behavioral, and reputational analysis of dependencies.
API Security : provides continuous inspection and actionable data to help you secure your APIs from vulnerabilities and any exposed application logic and sensitive data before they go live.
DAST :  helps you gain additional security analysis of your running applications by testing them from the outside-in, simulating attackers launching their various attack scenarios to help find unidentified vulnerabilities during runtime
KICS (IaC) : scans your IaC files to find security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and infrastructure misconfigurations. With more than 2,000 predefined queries, KICS can help you quickly find IaC security issues before infrastructure is deployed.
Container Security : provides information on the current security state of your container-based systems and workloads, including container images and running containers

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