Thinker LOS, a tool that make your personalized decision making process available in computer system.


      What if computer can understand your approval criterias & procedures and rapidly respond to your valuable customers? Thinker LOS enables you to create an Origination System using the concept of decision tree. You can build, drag, and connect as many tree you need without writing a single programing code

Volare Debt Collection System

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Thinker LOS is a new technology developed, it is an intelligent solution that can help solve this problem. Starting with the design of quick loan products and approve the loan without human consideration. It is about transferring people’s knowledge into the Digital Decision Tree system of Thinker LOS without the complicated documents. The submission process is not complicated and helps reduce outstanding debt or bad debt problems. Including the ability to connect to a digital identity verification system in the form of NDID as well, which can be summarized as

the following outstanding features.

  • Increase ability and speed in loan approval.
  • Reduce the number of people used in the process.
  • Reduce time to launch new products.
  • Reduce time for collecting and processing information related to credit approval, such as National Credit Report (NCB), etc.
  • Approval conditions can be stored as intellectual property in the company’s system.

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