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Debt Collection System

Volare Debt Collection Management System is All-in-One Solution to streamline and manage all collection processes with integrated collection components under 1 platform. Designed to fit every detailed workflow of the Accounts Receivable practices for all industries. Volare can help you gain visibility into business-critical information, strengthen collection team discipline and realize efficiency by automating and standardizing key collection processes.

EMM / MDM Solution

GeniusSoft EMM/MDM Solution is an intuitive and powerful Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tool for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. It combines user, applications and content management with strong data security to connect and manage company-owned devices. Simplify device management and configuration, help initiate enrollment requests, distribute apps and documents enabling greater collaboration and enterprise mobility.

Fraud Prevention & Compliance

Onboarding and monitoring for all stages of transaction with real-time dashboard scoring, predictive data science and fraud tool optimization. Driven workflows by the latest machine learning technology to conduct AML checking and target for fraud and other financial crimes that help protect the identity of your potential and genuine customers. latest machine learning technology to conduct AML checking and target for fraud and other financial crimes that help protect the identity of your potential and genuine customers.

Data Security & PDPA Compliance

Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Threat Protection for web, cloud and internal apps. Proactively detect high-risk behaviors and compromised access in organizations, large or small. Through integrated solutions of multi-layered security for data, network, apps and platform. Enhanced data protection by Next-Gen Firewall, DDoS attack, data masking, consent management. Compliance with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) which is designed to protect a data owner from the unauthorized or unlawful collection, use or disclosure and processing of their personal data.

Smart IoT Solutions

Enabling Technologies of Edge Computing, Network & Connectivity Management for Your Next IoT Devices. GeniusSoft IoT Solutions help build massive networks of IoT devices, reducing the complexity, enhancing the connectivity to drive innovation across industries for growth opportunities and operational efficiencies. Securely connect assets, applications, and data in real-time with scalable ecosystem to apply transformative business changes in both carpeted and non-carpeted spaces.

Infrastructure & Network Solutions

Powering your infrastructure and network capabilities. We provide the highest performance for a diverse set of workloads from the edge to the cloud to the core. Enable you to move from a secure foundation to the transformation of apps, services, and experiences at the center of your digital future. Maximize performance across the widest range of applications with highly scalable architectures and flexible internal storage. Establish an agile, reliable, future-ready environment with faster time-to-value.
Top Technology Trends

This year’s trends focus to drive significant disruption and transformative opportunity, falling into three themes: People Centricity, Location Independence, and Resilient Delivery. IT leaders must decide what combination of these trends will drive the most innovation and strategy for their enterprise.

AI Engineering

AI is starting to deliver on its potential and its benefits for businesses are becoming a reality. This offers a pathway, making AI a part of the mainstream DevOps process rather than a set of specialized and isolated projects.

Distributed Cloud

Distributed cloud is the future of cloud. It is where cloud services are distributed to different physical locations, but the operation, governance and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider.

Privacy-Enhancing Computation

Provide a trusted environment for sensitive data and perform processing and analytics in a decentralized manner. Increasing of needs to share data while maintaining privacy or security.

Why Choose GeniusSoft IT Solutions

Needs Analysis by IT Professionals

We comprehensively analyze your business requirements and workflows, tracking the performance to identify the pain points, and completing the initial set of goals.

Project Consulting & Management

Our IT consultants will enhance your project journey through detailed planning, risk management and effective execution of the outlined IT strategy with recommended steps for future improvements.

Integration for Digital Transformation

Through End-to-End solutions that can optimize your legacy systems. We seamlessly integrate business consulting insight, industry-specific expertise and global reach, to assist you in achieving the path to digital transformation.

Who We Are

We are the System Integrator (SI), specializing to deliver IT services, system integration and IT solutions to maximize the value of digital technologies.

We understand the complexity and challenge of integrating intelligent technologies. By providing the Advanced End-to-End Solution with the Strategic Combination of Process-Driven and Data-Driven Management Approach that enhance your existing systems, empowering the future innovations to drive business values.

What We Do

We have years-experienced connecting the various IT systems and applications in the unified manner that bring powerful advantages to navigate the digital transformation.

We help organizations stay competitive and pursue a path of smart transformation.  Starting with processes of consulting, planning, coordinating, implementing, testing and improving the systems. Through resource and requirement analysis, we provide design thinking and agility for a whole project, while also leveraging the full potential of the latest disruptive technologies at a pace that’s right for your business.

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