multi-cloud security platform CSPM, CIEM and Threat Detection


One tool to secure your Cloud: CSPM, CIEM and Threat Detection

We are a plug-and-play, multi-cloud security platform that continuously looks out for your Cloud Infrastructure security and compliance.

Detect and fix misconfigurations

continuous security monitoring identifies security risks and lets you resolve them with automated remediation

Compliance & governance

Automated mapping of  technical controls to international & local standards including ISO 27001, Thai PDPA, Bank of Thailand, OIC, PCI DSS, APRA, GDPR, MAS TRM, OJK and SOC2.

Understand and limit IAM risks

Know who has access to what within your infrastructure and spot sensitive levels of access or poorly protected identities with IAM Access Graphs on your dashboard.

Threat Detection

Monitor suspicious activity across your cloud environment like connections from malicious IPs, leaked credentials or disabling of security controls with UEBA & Anomaly Detection at your fingertips.


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