Fraud Prevention & Compliance

Fraud Prevntion & Compliance

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Low Maintenance!

  • Built in monitoring and performance metrics collection.
  • Security and access controls.

Powerful search engine!

  • Supports full text querying.
  • Everything is indexed.
  • Supports fuzzy-matching with low overhead.

Multiple use cases!

  • Widely used by well known companies within financial and insurance sectors.
  • Mature product running since 2010.

Highly scalable across multiple nodes!

  • Supports active-active mode.
  • Horizontally scales to handle millions of events per second.

Cross platform!

  • Supports both Windows and Linux operation System.

One Platform

For Onboarding & Monitoring Workflow Management Case Management Information Sharing.


Execution of Strategies Dashboard Monitoring Automated Decisioning Self-Learning Models.


Technology & Architecture Performance Efficiencies Scalability Cost Effectiveness


Data Models Strategy Definitions AI & Machine Learning Cloud or on-premise

Competitive Advantages

We differentiate ourselves by delivering value for money whilst helping our clients to implement industry best practice in financial crimes prevention. We work hard with our clients to ensure they achieve return on investment through the implementation of our solutions in four main ways.

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