Reasons for use Geniussoft outsourcing

Genius Soft has the IT Experience more than 10 years. We have high skills and experience to assist your business today?s with newest technologies. We can offer greater budget flexibility and control and you also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings in fresh engineering expertise, and reduces capital and operating expenses.

Geniussoft provides  IT Professional outsourcing services, helping our clients build and successful their business. We provide the qualified staff, technology resources and best practice business processes in areas. These range from project managers, technical leaders, analysts & designers, developers&programmers. They offer skill profiles covering database management, operating systems, programming languages, andweb-enablementtools.

In addition, we offer outsourcing advisory services that help our client serve their business target and the budget flexibility and controllable. We provide our outsourcing services onsite, offsite and offshore as dictated by ourclients' needs

Genius Softs pool of result and quality IT Professional Staffs with acomplete scope of skill levels. These range from

  • Project managers
  • Technical leaders
  • Analysts&designers
  • Developers&programmers.
  • Test Engineer
  • Database management
  • System operating systems
  • Network Engineer
  • Etc.